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In June 2013, the State of Indiana established an Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (OSBE) to align efforts in supporting small business; creators of 64% of net new private-sector jobs and employer of 49% of the private-sector workforce. OSBE is charged with supporting the five focus areas outlined below. Expected results include stronger Indiana businesses, new private-sector jobs, and the creation of new tax revenue. Long-term, Indiana’s entrepreneurial culture will further develop and attract new talent towards entrepreneurship. This new office is positioned within the Lt. Governor’s Family of Business to allow for deeper collaborations with other government offices engaged in small business activities.

1) Disseminating Small Business Information: The Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (OSBE) will house Indiana’s point-of-entry for entrepreneurs starting, expanding, or relocating a small business as well as business disaster recovery information.

2) Small Business Ombudsman: A Small Business Ombudsman will provide feedback, collected by the business community, to government agencies offering business services or issuing business licenses. The Ombudsman will also be publicizing new laws, programs, and procedures affecting small business, as well as small business successes.

3) Business Consulting: The Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) is charged with having a positive and measurable impact on the formation, growth, and sustainability of small businesses by providing one-on-one business consulting. Outcomes are measured through ISBDC clients: 1.) starting businesses, 2.) raising capital, and 3.) creating jobs. In 2013, every dollar invested in the ISBDC resulted in $19 new dollars of capital for the businesses they serve. OSBE’s support will give the ISBDC greater exposure.

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) provides no cost business consulting, a connection to resources, and educational opportunities that help businesses compete in the government-contracting marketplace. With help from Partners in Contracting Corporation, current managers of the Indiana PTAC program, PTAC will transition to OSBE. OSBE sees a number of crossover opportunities between PTAC and the ISBDC, which will allow Indiana to capitalize on these resources at a greater return.

4) Specialty Programs and Business Recognition Events: OSBE will develop new and promote existing small business and entrepreneurship programs and events. Currently, this includes the Young Entrepreneurs Program, Indiana Companies to Watch, and the EDGE Awards.

5) Linking University, Government, And Private Sector Entrepreneurship Programs: Indiana has all of the components needed to become a nationally recognized hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurialism, including supportive government regulations, leading research universities, talented and highly mobile workforce, and experienced support services specializing in helping new companies form and grow. OSBE will be facilitating meetings with entrepreneurship stakeholders to develop multi-organizational strategies to further connect the resources we have and increase Indiana’s entrepreneurial habitat.

The success for OSBE will not only be measured by the effectiveness of programs under its management, bu also in its ability to bridge entrepreneurs with organizations engaged in supporting the formation, growth, and sustainability of Indiana small businesses.

As we build out this new office, please consider the ISBDC as your entry point into all services provided through OSBE. On behalf of OSBE, the programs it supports, and under the direction of the Lieutenant Governor, we look forward to being the state that works in serving all Indiana small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Jacob Schpok

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Executive Director | Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
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