Let’s Work Together

Patterns for Success

Jul 12th, 2011

Bonnie and Michelle have been passionate quilters and friends for years.  After a few brainstorming sessions the two women decided to open their own quilt shop.  Bonnie was driven to create the shop out of a deep love for the craft while Michelle saw a great opportunity to start their own business.  In only three months, the two entrepreneurs went from idea phase to opening their doors.  They first visited the ISBDC offices in the Greensburg Chamber of Commerce in late January, and opened their doors on April 15.  Tree City Stitches is a great example of what a small town Main St. store should be.  Bright, clean and staffed with interested and experienced experts that are truly interested in helping their customers and their town. Bonnie and Michelle credit Eric Kranz and the ISBDC with helping them prove the feasibility of the business, providing a wealth of data to help in the decision making process, assisting them in lender relationships and helping them craft a business plan.