Let’s Work Together


Aug 4th, 2010

An increase in sales prompted QTR (Quality Thermoplastic Resin) to consider expanding its manufacturing facility in northwestern Vanderburgh County. The sales increase is also bringing additions to the workforce.

QTR, a Sub S Corp., recycles engineered grade plastics into custom compounds. The company has been in business since 1993 and has been registered QS-9000 since 1999. They provide the compounds to manufacturers of such products as lawn mower covers, engine covers and wheel trim. Most of their clients are located in the Midwest, though some are based in Canada and Mexico.

Rod Jackson, QTR president attended a luncheon hosted the MECC in January, 2005. It was there that he shared the company’s annual 30% growth during the past 12 years of operation, and their desire to move from their existing 35,000 sq ft. building to a 67,000 ft. building and expand their workforce. He inquired about tax abatement options for the expansion.

The SBDC became involved, after touring the existing facility, and contacted the Dept. of Metropolitan Development regarding the tax phase in process. The SBDC obtained the paperwork required for the process, reviewed it with Rod Jackson and Mary Perigo, CFO and determined that they would pursue the tax phase-in process. SBDC would attend the County Council meeting with Rod and Mary and, in the meantime, contact County Council members to increase their awareness of the economic impact of the project.

The initial presentation to the Council was postponed in June, however, when QTR considered an alternate location. They had received information about available land in an adjacent county and wanted time to review all options.

They did, however, make the decision to build their new $3.4 mil facility on land that is adjacent to their existing location, planning to use their old facility for additional warehouse space.

With the construction plans finalized and an overview of their project and impact prepared, QTR made their presentation for tax phase-in to the Vanderburgh County Council in July, 2005. Their request was unanimously approved and they received seven year abatement.

In January, 2006, construction is well underway, with plans for completion in March. After transferring the production equipment, the company will add an additional production line that will use the latest high-tech extrusion processes and expand their workforce from 35 to approximately 50.