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Road Blocks… Get Out of the Way

Second Steps LLC
Mar 20th, 2012

Lisa Compton, the founder of Second Steps, LLC, began her journey with this new business in August, 2011. She first met with the ISBDC over 7 years ago, as she started her first business, SensoryCritters.com. Lisa is a woman who has faced many personal and professional challenges and overcame adversity to create a business doing what she loves to do, “Helping Others”. Lisa’s tireless efforts in business began when she created clothing products and toys to comfort autistic children. At first, she just wanted to make product and had not thought about starting a business.

Today, she operates two separate businesses, one to sell educational and personal autism-related products, and the second one, which provides clinical therapy and support for affected families. Lisa Compton worked with the ISBDC to plan for the opening of the new business, design a logo and develop a marketing strategy, and to create a sturdy management system.

For more information visit the Second Steps website.

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