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Slow And Steady Can Still Win The Race – Midwest Coffee Roasting Company

Feb 8th, 2012 • East Central ISBDC

After 32 years of marriage, Reid and Shari Boultbee have started the Midwest Coffee Roasting Company in Marion, Indiana.

In October of 2007, they started their coffee roasting business out of their home and have since remodeled a 1920’s Craftsman style bungalow into their current coffee house location. Their business philosophy is very much like their coffee roasting philosophy; don’t rush. Take the time and energy to bring out the unique qualities of everything you do. Take pride in being old fashioned and make sure you are making the right decisions.

Before they became entrepreneurs, the Boultbees held jobs in accounting and marketing. The road to their small business started with their mutual passion for coffee. “There is nothing like a fresh Roasted cup of coffee” is what started it all. After making the decision to learn all they could about coffee, the Boultbees took a class in roasting and cupping coffee. After that they wanted to share their knowledge with everyone.

At this point in their endeavors, the Boultbees offer the following advice to anyone starting their own business. “Don’t let people hurry you up. Take your time on everything that you are doing and ask advice of other people and see what they have to say.” In 2010, the Boultbees started working with the East Central Indiana Small Business Center. At first they were seeking business advice as how to expand out of their house and into their current location. The advisor, having previous coffee house experience, was the sounding board they were looking for.

At the beginning of the now 2 year relationship, the Boultbees just needed someone to listen to their plans and help them get on track and achieve their goals. At this point the advisor’s role was to help them fill in the blanks and make sure they were going in the right direction. “After we met Tom, he was a real strong encourager of our concept of what we wanted to do. Having come from the same kind of coffee world as us there was a lot in common to talk about. We knew that he was a truly good advisor because he actually knew the business and not just about the business.”

Shortly after opening their coffeehouse, the Boultbees were approached by a neighboring city about opening up another coffeehouse. The ISBDC Advisor was able to provide them with the proper demographics and business intelligence to help them make the decision as to whether to open another location.

At this point in their business, the Boultbees have charted a course for their current location and are following it. When they first opened their coffeehouse they were only open two days a week. Since the opening, they have increased from being open two days a week to four days a week. They are also in the process of hiring employees so they can get back to doing what they do best; running the business and roasting great coffee.

To help the Boultbees realize their dreams, the ISBDC will continue to be available to assist in their success.

For more information please visit the Midwest Coffee Roasting Company website.

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