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Jun 13th, 2012

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What is Ray of Light Holistic Health, Inc.? | Ray of Light Holistic Health, Inc. Growth Story | ISBDC Assistance | Advice

Ray of Light Holistic Health, Inc. is a company that offers a wide variety of services ranging from massage therapy to acupuncture and yoga. Kris Laidlaw started her business in Elkhart Indiana in 2007 and first came to the ISBDC in February of 2012 seeking general business support and help with strategic planning.

Ray of Light Holistic Health, Inc. has grown over the past five years from a one person office to five massage therapists, one acupuncturist, two yoga instructors and two front office staff. Kris worked very hard over the years to create a unique approach to her business through great services, handpicked employees and education. She has created a community within her business that is uplifting and peaceful for her clients and also her staff.

Kris wanted to grow her business to the next level and engaged the ISBDC to help her with creating a strategic plan that would help get her there. She came to the ISBDC over a six week period of time and engaged in six strategic planning sessions where we were able to focus on the issues that were holding back her company’s growth. As the plan surfaced from her hard work, Kris began to implement her findings that were laid out in a timeline.

Kris is now well into the implementation of her strategic plan and because she has a plan to follow, her business is beginning to grow to the next level.

For more information visit the Ray of Light Holistic Health, Inc. website.

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