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Using Social Media to Build Brand Loyalty

Social Media
Apr 11th, 2016

Consider these facts:

  • 65% of American adults used social media in 2015.1
  • In 2016 – 78% of the U.S. population has a social networking profile.2
  • Consumers say social media plays almost as big of a role in purchasing decisions as does television.3

Many small businesses understand the power of “word of mouth marketing.” The issue with this is getting the “word” into prospective customer’s “mouth.”

Social media is a vital tool for getting and keeping customer brand loyalty. A study published by Convince and Convert found that 53% of Americans who follow brands in social media are more loyal to their brands.4

By creating social channels for your business, you not only generate new leads, but also build positive loyalty from ongoing customers. Define your brand, find the channels that your prospects are following, and create content they will follow.

Channels you may choose:


  • Post consistently, making certain that posts are a mix of “sales” and “content.”
  • Valuable content includes hints and tips and topical information.
  • Use engaging pictures – visuals are much more exciting than words.
  • Use holiday-related information to connect with your audience.
  • Offer specials exclusively to followers.
  • Share tips and tricks related to your industry.
  • Explore paying for boosting your posts. Spend a little, measure results, and spend again.
  • Measure: by knowing your analytics, you can discover best days and times to post.
  • Make certain your posts are mobile friendly.



  • The brief post makes every word more important – choose words wisely and keep to one subject per tweet.
  • Include interesting pictures – visuals are still appealing than words and lead to improved engagement.
  • Make good use of hashtags – from referring to holidays or current events, hashtags make your posts searchable.
  • Connect with re-tweeters and build relationships.
  • Use “spur of the moment” coupon/special tweets to build business.
  • See what your competitors are posting to explore best/worst practices.
  • Review analytics to increase success: determine what is working to build your brand and reach followers.



  • Create a visually appealing page, using a high-quality logo and banner image.
  • List all necessary information in your profile because this will be your information page for the site.
  • Update your page regularly.
  • Include information about upcoming events, new products, and conversation starters.
  • Answer comments to your page and build relationships with interested parties.
  • Get employees involved, and encourage them to get engaged with your page when possible.
  • As with the other platforms, use analytics to discover what content and timing elicits a response from your audience and adjust accordingly.


These are just three platforms – find where your target audience is and go there. Other channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube may be valuable for your industry. Find the one that best fits your industry, jump in and use it. Your business can profit from that engagement.

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