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That Isn’t a Picture, That’s Art!

Aug 16th, 2011

Eileen Dimino, owner of Traditions Photography, first came to the North Central ISBDC in November 2005, with her newborn in tow. She had been working as a photographer out of her home and felt she was ready to make it a “real business.” She began meeting regularly with her advisor to create a business plan that would be used to seek funding—which she received! She had a location all picked out and at the last minute, it didn’t work out—but a better place was waiting and she moved into a beautiful studio not far from the local mall. Eileen has balanced a successful business with raising a family, now with three children, and the loss of family members that proved very difficult in her young life. She now serves as the photographer of choice in local hospitals, has a strong clientele that wouldn’t think of having anyone but Eileen take their family portraits, and has an eye on her next move—looking for a studio that not only allows her to photograph in natural settings but allows her the room to bring on additional photographers who can meet the “Traditions” standard of portraiture that is more art than photography!

Visit the Traditions Photography website for more information.