Thompson Outdoor Power & Equipment


After a long career in the small power equipment business working for someone else, Donnie decided to start his own business.  He started with a small business working out of his garage.  In a couple years, he needed to expand to renting a small storefront/workshop in Dillsboro.  At that point, he hired a couple employees and took on some new brands.  He worked hard and put on more employees over the next few years.  Soon, he grew out of his rented location and decided to build a new shop to accommodate his burgeoning customer load.  That’s when he decided to contact the ISBDC.  Donnie Thompson came to the ISBDC looking for help to finance an expansion to his current business of small outdoor power equipment.  This would be his third expansion, since he started in 2010, and it was going to more than double his service capacity and equipment storage ability.  He found a property with a building and worked with his ISBDC advisor to build a financial package that would gain the financing.  They worked together to outline his strategic positioning in a new way, and he received financing from the first bank he approached.  He also worked with his LEDO to gain benefits for the move.  Today, he has moved into his new facility, has hired more employees, taken on new lines of products and started a used equipment business.

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