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TrackPack Coolers, LLC

Nov 1st, 2010

TrackPack Coolers LLC offers a uniquely designed patented backpack cooler that holds up to 20 12-ounce beverage cans in a proprietary internal frame which offers a convenient and portable way to carry 20 drinks.  Beverages are stored in four vertical columns, similar to a soda machine, and can be dispensed from either side of the base of the cooler. Also included are specially designed ice packs that fit within the frame to help keep beverages cool for hours, and a waterproof liner that can be used in lieu of the dispensing frame. Andrew Shelton, the owner of TrackPack, LLC was inspired to come up with the idea for the TrackPack® after an unpleasant experience that he had with a regular oversize cooler while attending the Indianapolis 500.

While at the prototype stage in 2006, Andrew asked for guidance from the Central Indiana SBDC on several marketing and start-up issues prior to beginning full production of his new invention.  At that time, he had identified four different marketing outlets for his product, and requested assistance in determining which one(s) would be best to focus on.  Andrew also requested advice on several logistical challenges that he was facing at that time, such as where he planned to store his new finished product once produced, and the best way to ship orders once received. In addition, he asked for assistance in developing a market research approach to help test the viability of his suggested $39.95 retail price for the TrackPack® Cooler.

Andrew has sold over 100,000 TrackPack® Coolers since launching his business, and in 2009, generated more than $1 million in sales.  His product is now available through several major retailers, such as Kroger, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Target.com. He also sells his patented cooler through his own website, and can be seen promoting and selling TrackPack® Coolers at major sporting events throughout the county.  Based on his growth, Andrew is now considering the purchase of an injection molding company to reduce manufacturing costs and help develop new products for the future.

Andrew’s comments about the assistance the Central Indiana SBDC provided, “I wasn’t a Business, Marketing, or Engineering major in college– I was an English major. In order to get TrackPack® off the ground and running, I had to learn what I didn’t know along the way. I had to find the resources and contacts necessary to be able to take an idea through design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales efforts. In my early launch stage, the SBDC was a valuable resource that helped me find information and contacts that I used to establish a successful platform for my business.”