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Voice To Print Captures Words For Those With Hearing Loss

Voice To Print Captioning
Dec 13th, 2011

Voice to Print Captioning President Kathy Cortopassi realized her court reporting roots could benefit those with hearing loss after the issue hit close to home. “Twenty-five years ago I began as a court reporter. Then we discovered my daughter had hearing loss, and I knew court reporters were helping people with hearing loss, so I decided I’d better look into this as my daughter may need me one day,” she said.

Cortopassi worked as a subcontractor in the field before launching her own company, which has grown from a home-based business to a company that is located at the Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana in Crown Point. She has hired a full-time employee and a part-time employee.

Voice to Print provides four main services: real-time closed captioning, Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART), court reporting and audio transcription. She said the ISBDC has helped her focus on the difficult questions during strategic planning and her growth phase and it has connected her with important area resources.

“Former regional director LeAnn McCrum helped me see where the profitable parts of the business are, where the areas to grow the easiest are and how to come up with a ‘plan of attack,’” she said. “The implementation phase was up to me, however. But LeAnn was always still ‘there’ for me. She promptly answered phone calls and emails. She always encouraged me with her always positive attitude. I felt that with LeAnn on my side, I would succeed!!!!”

For more information please visit the Voice To Print Captioning website.

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