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Winchester Business Expands with ISBDC Help

Sandifar Tire Store Grand Opening
Mar 18th, 2015

Sandifar Automotive Group

Sandifar Automotive Group opened a new tire store with the help of East Central ISBDC

When several car dealerships in the Winchester area went out of business, entrepreneur Steve Sandifar saw an opportunity. He started Sandifar Automotive Group in 2009 and the business quickly grew and soon needed a service center.

“We were able to pull the best from the previous dealerships and form an ‘all-star team’ that has over 100 years of automotive experience, most of that served here in Randolph County,” said Sandifar.

But Steve wasn’t done growing. He saw a building across the street and thought it would be a good fit for a tire store. While he didn’t plan on buying it so soon, when the building became available in 2013, he knew this was his chance to take the next step in building his business.

He turned to Bruce Hosier with the Randolph County Economic Development Corporation, who connected Steve with East Central ISBDC Business Advisor Scott Underwood.

“Scott has been phenomenal in the way he tells me what I need to hear,” Sandifar expressed. “He’s helped me find the best way to be profitable and is working with me on how to delegate.”

As a result of working with the East Central ISBDC, Sandifar continues to see growth in his company. He recently implemented a marketing strategy to spread the word about his company and a follow-up program to increase retention with new clients. He speaks highly of the services provided by both the East Central ISBDC and Randolph County economic development leaders.

“Everyone is there to help you through the process. They are the A-Team, and you can tell that they really want to build our county.”