Collegiate Management


Collegiate Management

In 1988, the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) created the Collegiate Management Assistance (CMA) program in response to the growing need for low-cost management assistance to local small businesses. Entrepreneurs can qualify for free management assistance through projects conducted by a team of undergraduate or graduate students seeking practical real world experience.

Guided by their professor, students meet with the entrepreneur throughout a semester. In a confidential setting, students identify problem areas and opportunities, conduct research, and recommend plans of action in the form of written and oral reports.

Working alongside students, our Business Advisors provide invaluable assistance in implementing the action plans recommended by the collegiate team and ongoing assistance to clients after the project has been completed.

The Collegiate Management Assistance program is designed to be a two-way street. While the entrepreneur learns ways to improve business and increase profits, students gain valuable, practical experience. The entrepreneur’s involvement will test students’ business training and provide them with first-hand exposure to small business management.

What Entrepreneurs Are Saying About The Collegiate Management Program

“The students did a marvelous job. They analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of my management. They looked at the business from an entirely different angle. They really gave me a better picture of my business.” -restaurant owner

“This program was very beneficial to our company. It gave us information that we neither had the time nor resources to acquire. Thank you!” – industrial equipment manufacturer

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