Finance Your Business

Entrepreneurs often need money to grow their business, acquire a new business, or launch a new business. Indiana SBDC advisors and our financial partners are here to help you access opportunities.

Be Prepared

Understand Your Options

From traditional debt financing to crowdfunding and venture capital, an SBDC advisor can help you weigh your financing options to determine what best meets your needs and goals.

Business Plan

Most financial partners require a business plan to review financing applications. Work with an SBDC advisor to develop a strong business plan and roadmap for your business.

Market Research

Help your application reviewer understand your market by providing the numbers to back it up. We offer access no-cost market research reports and can help you interpret the data.

Financial Projections

Where will your business finances be in 3 years or 5 years? SBDC Advisors can help you develop comprehensive financial projections to strengthen for finance application.

Finance Your Startup or Growth

Buying Inventory & Basics

Starting and growing a business often comes with unpredictable opportunities and challenges. With the support of your SBDC advisor, develop a dependable supply chain and cashflow management process to cover inventory and basic business expenses.

Capital Expenditures

Purchasing equipment, building space, land, and more necessary for your small business is one of the most important decisions you make as you start or grow your business. SBDC advisors can help you weigh your options and feel informed to make a decision.


Consistent, proper management of cash flow is integral in starting or growing a business. Predicting short- and long-term cash flow allows business owners to plan for future opportunities or challenges. SBDC can provide the tools and support to manage your cashflow.

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