Indiana Technical Assistance Program (INTAP)

Connects small businesses with critical professional assistance to complete improvement and growth projects.

Indiana Technical Assistance Program (INTAP)

INTAP is an annual program that helps small Indiana businesses complete growth and improvement projects by providing up to $15,000 in services from a qualified professional and technical vendor. This helps businesses secure the necessary skill set, qualifications, or technical expertise needed to execute a project.
Qualifying Projects
Proposed project eligibility for INTAP is intentionally flexible to adapt to the ever changing needs of small businesses. While there is not just one type of project eligible for INTAP, past INTAP-funded projects have generally focused on one of the following key categories: 1) Research & Development, 2) Business Operations Improvement, or 3) Technology Development & Implementation. Proposed projects must:
  • Be able to be completed between July 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024,
  • Be growth-oriented and positively impact the small business,
  • Not include the purchase of assets or the maintenance and upkeep of a business (including but are not limited to purchasing new equipment, paying rent, buying advertising, or resolving debt.), and
  • Not include digital marketing (including but not limited to, social media management/content creation, marketing plans, advertisements).
Examples of previously funded project types include product prototyping, inventory control systems, app or technology development, intellectual property legal assistance, and grant writing assistance for the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) programs. Please contact the Indiana SBDC office nearest to you to help determine if you proposed project is a good fit for INTAP.
Examples of previously funded projects:
Winery staff engaging in training on specific winepress systems and equipment to improve production capacities.

Widget startup utilizing a machining company to upgrade prototype materials, making the prototype functional for demonstrations and increasing sales pipeline.

Mobile app company expanding platform capabilities through software development focused on eAccessibility, increasing potential customers and social impact.

Professional service provider engaging a media group to adapt in-person training content into a video-based, online course to serve a wider client audience and generate new revenue stream.

Saas company developing new AI models in response to customer feedback for new service line.

Apparel company integrating a software package to increase smart manufacturing equipment functionality and track inventory, increasing production and workflow efficiency.

Positive Impact

The positive impact of the project on the small business includes but is not limited to the creation of new jobs, increased production and sales, a new product offering, or entering a new market.

Up to $15,000

INTAP may provide up to $15,000 in professional services from a professional vendor if selected. Funds are paid directly to the vendor.

Vendor Project Proposal

Applying businesses must submit a vendor proposal with the application. The proposal should outline the scope of services to be provided and include a budget. Click here for more details.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, small businesses must meet the following criteria:
Must be or become an Indiana SBDC client by March 1
See FAQs below for more information
Must have a physical presence in Indiana
Must propose an eligible project type
Must be a for-profit business
Must use an Indiana-based vendor
Must have not received INTAP twice before
Strongly suggested to provide at least 50% matching funds of requested INTAP funds
Example: If you request $10,000 then it is recommended to provide at least $5,000 in matching funds to complete the project.

2024 Application & Program Timeline

January 16 – Application opens
February 25 (11:59 PM ET) – Application deadline
March 1 – Deadline to become an SBDC client
Mid April – Applicants notified
May – June – Contracts executed with Ivy Tech
July – December – Project work completed



There is no cost to become a client of the Indiana SBDC. To become a client of the SBDC, you can either:
  • Schedule and attend a one-on-one meeting with an SBDC advisor*, or
  • Attend an Indiana SBDC training event (live virtual or in-person only; recorded or on-demand trainings excluded).
*Please note, there is typically a 2-4 week lead time for scheduling one-on-one meetings with an SBDC advisor. Plan accordingly to avoid missing the March 1 deadline. Applicants who do not meet the March first deadline to become an SBDC client may be disqualified.

What types of projects can be funded by INTAP?

INTAP can fund any project, except facility improvements or marketing, that requires technical or professional assistance you do not have within your business that will help you grow or improve. Past projects include: SBIR/STTR grant writing, app development, intellectual property legal assistance, prototype development, and more! Contact the Indiana SBDC with any questions.

Does my project have to be related to technology?

No. By technical assistance, we mean projects that require expertise or skills you and your team don’t have.

What should I highlight in my application?

Concisely identify a problem and propose a solution. Highlight the measurable and specific impact your project will have on your business and the long-term results of the investment.

Am I guaranteed the full $15,000 if selected?

No, only a small amount of projects receive the full $15,000 in services. Most selected projects receive between $7,500-$10,000. You may be asked to scale down your project if you are not selected for the full amount. Be prepared to work with your selected vendor to re-scope, if needed.

What happens if I don’t spend the funds?

Any unspent funds are forfeited at the end of the year.

Why do I need a vendor estimate?

INTAP requires an estimate from your selected vendor to ensure that an accurate timeline and costs for a project have been adequately estimated. It also safeguards against approved projects receiving inadequate funding and as a result not able to complete the project.

Can I work with a nonprofit or university as my vendor?

Nonprofits, universities, and colleges are eligible to be an INTAP vendor so long as they are based in Indiana.

What if I don’t have a vendor for my project?

INTAP can help you identify a vendor if you do not have one in mind. You will still need to submit an estimate in the application, however, so call the Indiana SBDC if you need help!

What if I have the expertise, but just need the funds?

INTAP only provides funding to service providers outside your company.


Contact the Indiana SBDC at 888.472.3244 or the regional office near you