Mande Miskewycz

Mande Miskewycz has 20+ years of business experience and been involved in the Bloomington business community as a small business owner for several years. As many entrepreneurs do, she has worked in several industries and is here to use that knowledge to benefit her clients. She has experience in national sales, real estate, start-up operations, social services, franchising, e-commerce, real estate investing, consulting, print & digital marketing. At the heart of all business, is marketing. As a business advisor, she hopes to use her years of experience to walk alongside small business owners during their entrepreneurial journeys. Mande holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from The Kelley School of Business in Bloomington, is an ambassador for the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and sits on the board of the Zac43Foundation. When not working, Mande enjoys spending time outside with her husband, 2 young kids and 2 yellow labs.