Anne Marie Murphy

Anne Marie Murphy, MSN, RN, MSM, is a distinguished professional known for her entrepreneurial acumen, advocacy for small businesses, and expertise in economic development. Holding a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and a Master of Strategic Management (MSM), Anne Marie seamlessly merges her healthcare background with understanding. As a serial entrepreneur, Anne Marie has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate the business landscape successfully, including a scalable business receiving investment through Techstars and Elevate Ventures. Her commitment extends beyond individual ventures to encompass advocacy for small businesses, recognizing their pivotal role in economic vitality. She is not only an accomplished economic development professional but also a Project Management Professional. In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Anne Marie is sought after as a business advisor, leveraging her extensive experience to guide and mentor C-Suite executives and business owners. Her multifaceted skill set, combining healthcare, entrepreneurship, business, and project management, positions her as a dynamic force in the professional arena. Anne Marie Murphy's career is marked by a commitment to fostering economic growth, supporting small businesses, and imparting her knowledge as a small business expert. Her versatility and leadership make her a standout figure in both entrepreneurship ecosystem and economic development.