Matthew Houtz

Matthew Aplin Houtz MM is a part-time business advisor for the West Central Indiana Small Business Development Center. He has over 12 years of experience being an entrepreneur and developing many businesses from pre-venture to various states of organizational development. In each endeavor, he strives to find the connection between the fundamental need, the message required to communicate the need to an ideal market, and the process that requires predictability and consistently meeting the need even while the environment changes. Matthew’s main areas of entrepreneurial focus have been multidisciplinary medical practices including primary care doctors, chiropractic, physical therapy, and mental health. Outside of the medial realm, he has established enterprises in the areas of transportation, consulting, and life coaching. Matthew holds two masters degrees in Music Composition from Butler University and Vocal Performance from the University of Maine. He is currently enrolled in the Masters of Business Administration program at Indiana State University. He has served as a faculty adjunct for multiple universities, guest lectured covering topics about entrepreneurship, writing effective business plans, and legal compliance (both in and out of the medical realm). In his medical practice, he has served as a preceptor for countless internships and externships for Indiana State University, Ivy Tech Community College, and other programs. Matthew also sits on multiple executive boards for not for profit organizations.