King Mechanical Specialty

Michael King is moving up – from employee to owner! Reflecting on this new role, Michael expresses, “It’s a really humbling experience to have a team helping ME get where we need to go.”

Throughout Michael’s career, he bounced around from one thing to the next. His resume boasts everything from packaging ice, to nursing, to tool and die making, to sales. Humility characterizes Michael’s upbringing and demeanor, and because of this, he believes each past experience contributes to his current role and offers unexpected insights.

The path to small business ownership began in 2005 when he was laid off from his tool and die job. Seizing an opportunity under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Michael earned a new certificate and was awarded the 2007 Ivy Tech Graduate of the Year in the tech industry. Coming out of that program, Michael laughed when he saw a job posting for King Mechanical Specialty and decided to apply. The owner, Steve Yancey, offered Michael a job and joked that he wouldn’t even have to change the name of the company when he bought it – little did Steve know how prophetic his comment would be. 

King Mechanical Specialty, established in 1960, is an industrial equipment and instrument distributor, serving major clients like Vectren, SE, Sabic, Alcoa, and Wartsilla. The business also owns Righton Instrument Company, a well-known name in the level measurement industry.

Michael steadily climbed the ranks in the company over the last 17 years. When Steve hinted at retiring, Michael entertained the idea of purchasing the business. This idea slowly gained traction and was solidified in August 2023 when Michael sought guidance from the Southwest Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Collaborating with Grant Glackman, his business advisor, proved invaluable. Grant’s foresight and assistance with business planning and cash flow projections, even on weekends, eased Michael’s worries amid the uncertainties of business ownership. Months of planning and negotiation culminated in a deal on April 1, 2024, when Michael officially became the 4th owner of the company. 

Michael acknowledges the pivotal roles of his mentor, Steve Yancey, and business advisor, Grant Glackman, along with key individuals facilitating the purchase: Larry Barnhill and Jason Bennett from Heritage Federal Credit Union; John Goth, attorney; John Perkins at Kemper CPA; and Austin Winters at Paradise Insurance.

King Mechanical Specialty boasts a six-decade legacy with a loyal clientele and a team of seven dedicated individuals. Michael cherishes the opportunity as a small business to offer personalized service for his clients, and true to his nature, has mastered every role within his company.

While the title of “Owner” may still feel fresh, Michael is optimistic about the future, guided by a sense of gratitude and humility.

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