Brianne Kelly

Brianne Kelly Supports Women’s Health

Brianne Kelly spent nearly eight years as an outpatient physical therapist before deciding to specialize in pelvic health physical therapy. While she loved helping patients, she felt like she could not treat patients in a way that aligned with her goals and values due to limitations placed by insurance. “I wanted to be able to treat the whole individual, providing the care they needed and deserved through treatment techniques, length of sessions, and number/frequency of visits,” Brianne expressed. Through connections on social media, she realized it was possible to own her own practice and accomplish those goals. She started doing some research, took a business planning course specific for physical therapists, and had several prayerful conversations with her husband. They decided to take the leap and start Pivotal Physical Therapy. Her friend and mentor, Carolyn Grieves, encouraged her to contact Peggy Cenova, Regional Director at the East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Through Peggy and the SBDC, Brianne discovered business planning tools and received training on QuickBooks and business taxes. “Through these resources I was able to better understand business processes, tackle several tasks myself, maintaining a low overhead, gain confidence, and make wise business decisions to build a strong foundation for a long-lasting business,” she noted. “Peggy has provided support, guidance, and encouragement through the first year of business. She is always ready to listen, help navigate struggles and celebrate wins.”

At Pivotal Physical Therapy, Brianne offers physical therapy services, specializing in pelvic health of the female pelvis. She provides treatment for urinary leakage, frequency of urination, labor and delivery preparation, pregnancy and post-partum issues, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, and bowel dysfunction. “My goal is to educate and equip women experiencing issues that are often not talked about with the tools they need to participate in life without limitation,” Brianne shared.

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