I CARE Virtual Services

If the pandemic taught us anything, we learned that working virtually was a viable alternative to physically being in a business office. Lori Barnett, owner of I CARE Virtual Services, does just that. From QuickBooks to administrative tasks to coaching and consultation, it’s all available remotely via a computer. I CARE’s coaching service focuses on assisting individuals with communication needs. Barnett works one-on-one with clients via an online meeting platform to help them build strategies and to gain confidence in those strategies. She works with some clients on their personal goals and others on their home or workplace projects.

According to Barnett, the Southwest Indiana SBDC has been an invaluable tool while getting started as a business owner. When she took the leap of faith, Business Advisor Julie Folz was ready and waiting to assist. “I would say the SBDC is for anyone that needs resources. I think it never hurts to reach out for help. It never hurts to ask the question,” says Barnett. “And I think that the group seems very intentional about being there as a resource to the community for business owners in any area of any stage of the game that they’re in.” 

Click here to view the I CARE Virtual Services testimonial video.

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