Jenny & George Self-Storage

In the quaint town of Montpelier, Indiana, a self-storage facility named Jenny & George Self-Storage stands as a testament to the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of its owner, Jerod Reynolds. The journey behind establishing this business is a story of overcoming adversity, finding inspiration in personal tragedy, and seeking guidance from trusted advisors. From Tragedy to Transformation Jerod Reynolds, a devoted father of two, faced an unimaginable tragedy on June 2, 2022. A drunk driver recklessly crashed into his grandfather’s house, taking the lives of his grandfather, Jake, and his young son, Jenson, whom his grandfather had affectionately nicknamed “Jenny.” His daughter, Emma, whom he nicknamed “George,” was left in critical condition. In the aftermath of this devastating loss, Jerod found himself in the darkest chapter of his life. Overwhelmed by grief and uncertainty, he struggled to find a way forward. However, watching his daughter’s unwavering strength and determination to recover inspired him to pick himself up and pursue his dream of opening a business—a business for George, his princess warrior, and in memory and honor of Jenny and Jake. The Birth of Jenny & George Self-Storage After the devastating accident, Jerod and his family never returned to their former home. But, undeterred by the tragedy, Jerod repurposed the land, transforming it into a storage facility. The name “Jenny & George Self-Storage” pays homage to Jerod’s daughter and honors the memory of his son. After Jake had nicknamed the two “Jenny” and “George,” those names stuck. The Jenny & George Self-Storage logo features a tribute to Jake, as indicated by the “Jakers Yahoos” inscription beneath it. The units are budget-friendly storage options for individuals and companies. They offer 24-hour access to multiple-sized storage units, including 5×10, 10×10, and 10×20 units with roll-up doors. All units are constructed with metal roofs, siding, and interior walls and have concrete floors for durability. To launch his business, Jerod sought the guidance of the East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Anne Owens, the Director of Zoning in Blackford County, recognized the East Central Indiana SBDC’s potential to support his entrepreneurial endeavors and recommended he attend one of their workshops. “I couldn’t thank her (Anne) enough for helping me and pointing me in that direction,” expressed Jerod, emphasizing the positive impact of this recommendation. Building A Strong Foundation “The East Central Indiana SBDC helped me literally build the foundation of my business,” said Jerod. “The best tool I was able to use and helped my business grow the most, though, was James Womack. I honestly don’t think I could have made it this far without him!” James Womack is Jerod’s SBDC Business Advisor. James provided guidance, support, and SBDC resources for preparing a presentation to the zoning board and developing comprehensive financial plans. His advice helped address Jerod’s specific needs and concerns. Through the tools and resources, Jerod gained a deeper understanding of marketing strategies, financial planning, and presentation strengthening. He conducted local polls to assess the demand for self-storage facilities, utilized business plan templates, and worked closely with James to refine his business concept. Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success With the East Central Indiana SBDC’s assistance, Jerod successfully navigated the challenges of securing financing from a bank and creating a business plan. His unwavering determination has made Jenny & George Self-Storage a successful and sustainable enterprise. Reach Jenny & George Self-Storage by calling or texting 260-228-9815, emailing, or checking out the website at

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