Life in Motion Family Wellness Center

Patients, staff, and all who visit say this office doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office, and that’s exactly how Katie wants it. The lobby boasts a beautiful window with hanging plants, a coffee bar, and a pet turtle. Yes, you read that right. And sometimes her dog visits, too.

Katie Keller Riney is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and the small business owner of Life in Motion Family Wellness Center who lives with her family and a collection of farm animals in Posey County. Someone once told her that she “just loves taking care of things,” and that rings true for her personally and professionally. 

Katie has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so after years of experience as an ER nurse, then a Nurse Practitioner, she decided to move out on her own. Running her own practice allows her the “flexibility to care for people the way I want and the way they need,” which to her makes it all worth it.

Katie began her small business journey as a NP focusing on primary medical care for all ages by renting space at a practice in Newburgh. Clients she had worked with previously began flooding to her new practice, and business was booming. She was able to learn a great deal in that environment, and when her rent increased, she knew it was time to move out on her own.

In early 2023, Katie reached out to a friend at the Indiana Members Credit Union and was encouraged to buy her own building. She was also encouraged to contact the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP) which hosts the Southwest Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC), to increase her business knowledge and navigate the complexities of being a small business owner.

Katie was paired with Grant Glackman, a SBDC business advisor who is a retired CPA and former partner at Forvis (formerly BKD). Grant was impressed – Katie “got it.” She was ambitious, eager to learn, and dove right in. Through many meetings with Grant and Brian Woods at IMCU, Katie was able to develop a robust business plan and received a loan to purchase an 8,000 sq ft building at 220 E. Virginia St. in Evansville. The space was perfectly located in the center of town, close to the Lloyd, but the move was not without challenges. 

Katie says she knew it was the right building when she walked in. It needed a lot of work, including a new roof, heating and air, and flooring, but she could see it. Trying to update a building that had been abandoned for four years was daunting. The bills started adding up. The IMCU loan covered a lot, but she needed more. Grant helped her apply for a loan through the City of Evansville’s Revolving Loan Fund, hoping that would give her the final boost she needed. Katie said, “I was so nervous for the city loan – I thought, if this doesn’t go through, we have NOTHING. We were completely broke and had everything in this business.”

An entrepreneurial spirit, supportive husband, and willingness to take a risk ended up paying off. Katie received the city loan and was able to update the office space. In ONE YEAR, Katie has been able to pay off over 1/4 of the debt and has a cushion in her account. Katie says, “I could not have done this without Grant’s expertise and help, especially looking at my numbers! I am so thankful for him and count my blessings every day that there are people willing to help us new starters get on the path to success.”

Upon opening the new facility, Katie transferred 1200 patients, and she had 1600 within a few months. The growth allowed her to hire another NP, and they now have 2100 patients between the two. Business is still booming. They serve 40 patients a day and are adding 7-10 new patients a week. They have rented out part of the building and have another renter moving in soon. 

With all that’s going well, one might think Katie would slow down and enjoy the success, but she’s still making plans to grow. She hopes to expand the office, hire another NP, and has even considered purchasing other practices. She currently has six employees and says putting the right people in the right place has been a key to her success. She also tells everyone she knows to go talk to the SBDC!

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