Wave Therapeutics (Techstars Future of Longevity)

Longtime South Central SBDC client, Wave Therapeutics (Techstars Future of Longevity), has set itself apart and won the seed competition for its therapeutic devices and software aimed to prevent bedsores and blood clots for mobility-impaired patients. The company will receive a $20,000 investment. CEO, Jessica Bussert’s multi-faceted background in programming, nursing, entrepreneurship, business consulting, and tech experience helped to design the first smart active cushioning product for wheelchairs which aims to prevent pressure injuries and automatically report data to physicians. The company has secured one patent and a contracted research agreement with the VHA, which has 85,000 wheelchair-bound clients. This is only the beginning for Wave Therapeutics, as the company plans to expand beyond that to a nearly $2.5 billion US market.

Waves Therapeutics logo

The South Central Indiana SBDC has assisted the company with business startup advising that includes creating a business plan, obtaining and leveraging market research, and funding advice as they prepare for rapid growth. In 2020 Wave Therapeutics participated in the Indiana Technical Assistance Program (INTAP), that was established to help fund prototyping, patenting, and other technical assistance areas to encourage Indiana businesses to grow and thrive. They have also engage a variety of digital marketing advisory services to optimize their website and launch a variety of crowdfunding campaigns.

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